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Skin Deep
  Skin Deep
Scholastic, 1994
Scholastic Paperback, 1996

"Books for the Teen Age, 1995," by the New York Public Library; candidate for the Nevada Young Readers' Award, 1998; selected for the Simon Wiesenthal Center Library, Museum of Tolerance, Los Angeles.

This book is out of print, but you may be able to find it at ABEBooks.com or at Amazon.com's out-of-print service.

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What's it About?
Dan is a normal kid who finds himself drawn to a white supremacist group seething with hatred. His girlfriend Laurel watches his whole personality change. When Dan is pushed to his moral limits, Laurel wonders if he can return from that life of bitterness and violence and once again be the boy she loved. The book also asks if First Amendment freedom of speech should be extended to people who spout hatred.

Reviews and Comments
"Ruby . . . portrays skinhead culture and racial hatred with terrifying clarity in this well-written novel." (KIRKUS)

For More Information
This isn't hate propaganda, I promise you! It's about how to combat hate and racism in your school and community.

ACLU Students' Rights Guide

The Center For Democratic Renewal

Anti-Defamation League (for up-to-date information on skinheads worldwide)


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