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  Out of Print Books

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Arriving at a Place You've Never Left
Dial Press, 1977
Seven short stories involving ordinary teens in extraordinary situations. In one Daniel only begins to appreciate the greening season of rebirth when he learns that he'll not see another spring. In another story, when Ellen's mentally-ill mother behaves irrationally, Ellen wants to be understanding, but the only feelings she can summon are embarrassment and anger: why can't her mother be there like other girls' mothers are?

What Do You Do in Quicksand?
Viking, 1979
Leah's way too quirky and a little bit unstable, but she knows what she wants. Her next-door neighbor is Matt, whose life is flip-flopped as he struggles to finish high school, work at the post office, and raise his baby daughter, Barbara. Leah's not the baby's mother, but she'll got to any lengths to make Barbara her own...

Two Truths in My Pocket
Viking, 1982
Short stories about growing up Jewish in America. Chava wants to be the first female rabbi in her Orthodox family. Impossible? Barry's always been encouraged to date Jewish girls, but when he starts going out with a Jewish girl who's black, he discovers how prejudice can be twisted in strange ways.

This Old Man
Houghton Mifflin, 1984
What could a San Francisco misfit like Greta, who lives in a group home and speaks no Chinese, possibly have in common with Old Man, an elderly Chinese curmudgeon who refuses to learn a word of English? Both are stubborn survivors who long for what they can't have. But their fragile friendship softens the edges of their losses as they bridge the barricade of language, culture, and age.

Pig-Out Inn
Houghton Mifflin, 1987
Dovi's nomadic family opens a Kansas truck stop with a few rickety cabins out back, and that's where Tag winds up when his father hides him there for safe-keeping in a divorce dispute. So which is better - a secure home where you know that you've got your own bed to sleep in each night, or unknown adventures around every bend in the road?


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