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The Moxie Kid
  The Moxie Kid
Eakin Press, 2002

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What's it About?
It's the summer before sixth grade, and Jonathan is bored to death. He's got nobody to hang out with except his little brother, The Pest, and the girl across the street. Yuck. And then around the bend comes a grumpy old man, Mr. Caliberti, who hollers, "you look like a dad blat fool!" Soon the summer takes unexpected turns. Why are there dead cats in Bell Rock Park? How does Jonathan wield a frozen lasagne to rescue a baby? Will Jonathan's baseball team win a single game? And will Mr. Caliberti ever learn the difference between truth and tall tales?

Reviews and Comments
"The fast-paced plot features a humorous, convincing first-person narrative...portrays a protagonist as likable and with dimension. Jonathan's wish for fun and fulfillment dovetails with the man's mourning of lost opportunities and desire to enjoy his remaining days, and offers points for discussion. While the cat mystery goes unsolved, readers will enjoy the distinctive folks in this novel" (Laura Scott, Farmington Community Library)


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