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Miriam's Well
  Miriam's Well
Scholastic, 1993

ALA Best Books for Young Adults, 1995; "Books for the Teen Age, 1994," by the New York Public Library; candidate for the Sequoya Award 1995-1996 (Oklahoma) and the "Iowa Teen Award," 1997-1998.

This book is out of print, but you may be able to find it at ABEBooks.com or at Amazon.com's out-of-print service.

What's it About?
Faith and science clash in a battle with bone cancer. Glib Adam, Jewish and full of easy confidence, is paired for a poetry assignment with serious-minded Miriam, who's a member of a Christian sect that believes in faith healing. When Miriam is afflicted with a life-threatening tumor, a judge orders medical treatment, and Miriam is hospitalized against her will. Adam's lawyer-father tries to prove that her First Amendment right to freedom of religion has been violated. In the midst of all this pain and confusion, Miriam and Adam fall in love. But what kind of a future can there be for these two people from such totally different backgrounds? Does Miriam even have a future?

Reviews and Comments
"Ruby credibly conveys the simple power of the girl's beliefs." (KIRKUS)


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