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Kingfisher Book of Horse and Pony Stories
  Kingfisher Book of Horse and Pony Stories (Compiled by Jenny Oldfield)
Featuring "Madrigal's Melody", by Lois Ruby
Kingfisher, 2005

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What's it About?
This thoroughbred collection of twelve original horse stories captures the appeal of those magnificent creatures and the unique relationship between a horse and its handler. My story in this collection, "Madrigal's Melody", is about Madrigal, a police horse in New York, and Gerri, a homeless girl who's a bit sad and lonely - until she discovers that she can talk to Madrigal and the horse can talk to her in that special way some extra-sensitive people are able to communicate clearly with animals. So, when Madrigal's life is threatened, Gerri understands and knows just what to do.

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